New Partnership Strengthens Chamber Opportunities


24 May 2019



MACKAY businesses will now have an even louder voice when it comes to state and federal business policy issues, thanks to a new partnership with between Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

President of the Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce, Victoria Gracie says “CCIQ represents more than 400,000 small and medium businesses across Queensland. With Mackay Chamber partnering with CCIQ, the issues faced by our local small and medium business owners, can really be heard by policy makers and politicians on a state and federal level.”

CCIQ CEO Stephen Tait says, “this partnership means Mackay businesses will be better protected, better informed and better represented not just locally, but in George Street and Canberra.

“By working more closely together and offering a single membership to local businesses, CCIQ and Mackay Chamber can be a much stronger voice and get results for employers across the region. CCIQ brings policy and economic expertise to the table, and Mackay Chamber offers a local network of credible businesses to grow into a powerful movement for change.” Mr Tait says.

Ms Gracie says the strength of Chamber and CCIQ working together was demonstrated in the recent success of the Small Business is a Big Deal campaign, which focused on lobbying to federal government to make important policy changes for small business.

“Mackay’s involvement in this campaign set a precedent for other Chambers across the state. From that success, we realised there would be a huge benefit in creating a more permanent partnership with CCIQ,” Ms Gracie says.

As a result of the new CCIQ partnership, Ms Gracie says Mackay Chamber have now revised their membership options for local business.

“Previously, Chamber memberships were based on staff size, offering across the board resources for all businesses - whether it was required by the business or not. Our new tiered membership options, means that businesses can choose their membership, based on the needs of their business.

“Each membership includes access to valuable CCIQ resources, with additional resources and information available on the level that best suits your business.

“We are confident and excited for the opportunities that the CCIQ partnership will bring to our members and encourage business within Mackay who are not yet part of Chamber, to really consider joining our organisation,” Ms Gracie says.

For more information about Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce, contact 4953 1603.


For more information:

Victoria Gracie, President 0405 618 142

Jade McAuley, Committee Member/Rebel Nation 0448 866 388