Good Service, Good Business

Good service truly is good business. As an individual – when we focus on doing our job to the best of our ability, we give it a higher purpose – making even the mundane more interesting. As a team, when we enjoy our work and do our best for ourselves, our colleagues and our clients – we also prove that we are a leader in our field, and carve out a bigger market share for our business.

Based on Catherine DeVrye’s #1 international bestseller of the same name, at the Good Service is Good Business conference participants learnt how to:

  • Become a service leader by making minor improvements that have a major impact

  • Boost your bottom line-and team morale- without increasing cost

  • Use service to differentiate you from your competition

  • Gain market share through exceeding customer expectations

  • Increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities

  • Combine the high tech and high touch for top results

  • Understand the key difference between adding value and adding cost

Photo Credit // Coffee and Hops Photography