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Why Sponsor a Chamber "Spotlight on Business" Event?

Sponsorship of a Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce "Spotlight on Business" provides access to key corporate decision makers across a broad range of industries within the Mackay region in a relaxed, informal environment.

In supporting this event, you will have the opportunity to showcase your business in its best light and broaden your competitive advantage through aligning your organisational image with the support for high calibre, local business activities.  Do you have a new product you would like to launch?  Perhaps a new showroom or key staff member you want to profile?  A Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce "Spotlight on Business" is the ideal promotional vehicle.

The Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce

The Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of all sizes throughout the wider Mackay region.  Our members and the management community look to the Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce as a benchmark for best practice, to offer guidance for individual and organisational development and for opinions on current business issues and trends.

We are regarded within the region as a credible, influential and unbiased representative by media and business people alike and our sponsors are viewed as committed and forward thinking visionaries with a desire to improve their interests through strategic community participation.

Our audience numbers at Chamber Events are consistently high and the demographic of attendees at a typical event include representatives from all business, big and small, both experienced and new, from industry to retail, with everything in between.

Event Details

Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce seeks a sponsor for our "Spotlight on Business" to be held at YOUR place of business.

Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce members, affiliates and the greater business community will be attending this event.  Our direct membership base alone comprises more than 240 representatives from small, medium and large enterprises in the Mackay region.  Our members are known widely as influencers and key decision makers.  In addition, as the event is hosted by you at your business, the opportunity also exists for you to widen the invitation base and invite key customers and suppliers to participate to enhance the event.

All event attendees will be invited to the "Spotlight on Business" free of charge - this is a unique promotional and networking opportunity not to be missed.

Sponsorship Benefits

Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce has developed the following sponsorship package which will allow the "Sponsor" to increase awareness, to make meaningful connections with Mackay region businesses and ultimately to reach out to decision makers in a structured/focused manner.

This proposal is a sole sponsorship agreement and precludes the Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce from seeking other supporting sponsors for this event.

Benefits extended by Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce Sponsorship Package include:

  • Naming rights to the "Spotlight on Business" eg Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce presents "XYZ Spotlight on Business"
  • Logo and recognition on all pre-event marketing materials including website, invitations, e-notices
  • Opportunity to present a short five minute introduction to the event to showcase your business
  • Opportunity to provide all guests with a 'show bag' or similar as a lasting reminder of their visit.

Financial Investment

$1,500 for 50 guests including finger food + beer, wine and soft drinks

$2,250 for 75 guests including finger food + beer, wine and soft drinks

As part of the sponsorship relationship, our Member Liaison Coordinator will be responsible for helping you to organise the event to ensure it presents a professional image for your business in every aspect.  Invitations will be sent to our member list and affiliates with members being encouraged to bring along a business colleague.

To secure sponsorship of a "Spotlight on Business" event, contact our office on 4953 1603 or email

Corporate Sponsors