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Email Signature

You can add this .png to your establishment’s email signature to help you share your involvement with #buymackay to your customers and fans.

Simply download, then copy and paste this template into your current email signature template in your email program.

Facebook Cover Image + Post Image

Download and save these files to use on your social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A Facebook Cover Image and a Post image have been developed for the #buymackay campaign.

This post can be used as is, or can act as a guide for any original content you would like to create for your social media platforms. Whenever possible, we encourage you to use our official hashtag, #buymackay.

We also encourage you to promote when and how you ‘Swapped your shop’ through your social media platforms and ask other businesses to do so, are they up for the challenge!

It is a good idea to put a link in all of your posts to the Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce website where anyone can find out further information on the campaign and how they can become a part of it!

Facebook Cover Image


Social Media Post Image


In-store A5, A4 and A1 Poster

This can be printed and displayed in-store to promote you commitment to #buymackay.  When printing inhouse, print fit to page for the best outcome. Use the A1 poster when a large format, professionally printed promotional piece is required.

These files can also be used in emails you may send out to your database. 

A5 Poster

 A4 Poster

A1 Poster

#buymackay Promo Clip

Share this video on your social media platforms and don’t forget to ask your friends to share and use the hashtag #buymackay

This video can also be displayed on TV's or screens in-store.

Downloadable version:

buymackay Movie Clip buymackay Movie Clip (9373 KB)

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